VIRCORE is a comprehensive project management platform.

VIRCORE enables the centralisation of all project information and the monitoring and follow-up of planning processes and costs thanks to a streamlined BIM methodology

Embudo de gestión de proyectos
Embudo de gestión de proyectos

Its aim is to pave the way for efficient collaboration between different technical profiles throughout every phase of the project.

Plan technical processes using all the detail you require

Especially developed to handle all types of document, data and technical resources. VIRCORE puts multiple layers of information in the palm of your hand so that you can take better decisions faster and with less effort.

Collaborate more efficiently

VIRCORE is a Common Data Environment (CDE) specifically designed for collaboration purposes. It enables you to make the very most of your resources and to develop and implement ultra-competitive work methods in areas ranging from civil engineering and construction to industrial design.

Guarantee the quality and security of your projects

VIRCORE will allow you to view all the information in context so that you can easily head off any interferences and contingencies, thereby avoiding rework, delays and calculation errors.

Teléfono móvil con aplicación Vircore

The 3D model is the reference point

All the information generated in a project can be dynamically linked to every 3D element of the BIM models.

Esquema de modelo 3D creado con Vircore

And if I don’t have a 3D model?

VIRCORE offers a wide range of functionalities that will make your life easier, even if you don’t work using a 3D model Find out more

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